【Guide】 Pet&Equipment&Skill

2017-06-29 13:53

Spell Tome

Ø Spell Tomes can provide great additional Power

Ø Character can equip 3 Spell Tomes; Pet can equip 2 Spell Tomes

Ø Spell Tome costs a same one to Star Up

Ø Spell Fragment can be collected by dismantling useless Spell Tome or attending Origin Tower, and be exchange for Spell Tome




Ø Deploy Main Pet and Assist Pet to trigger Pets Combo

Ø Equip Pets with Collar, Tag, and Spell Tome

Ø Level Up, Rank Up and Star Up to strengthen your pets

Ø Rebirth a grown pet to get back all material consumed during growing the pet

Ø Dissolve useless pets to get Versatile Anima, which can be used in Pet Shop




Ø Players can’t the equipment whose level is higher than Character level

Ø Equipment Quality:

Common < Uncommon < Rare < Unique < Legendary

Ø Equipment Quality can’t be changed




Ø Each classes has 6 cores skills and 6 Skill Slots

Ø “Random” will help you to combine skills randomly

Ø “Drill Field” allows you to test your skills

Ø Skill combination can be stored up to 6 sets




When you’re in adventure or in journey, you can do fishing to gain various of fishes (feed pets), or even Gold and Equipment.


If you have Bombs, you can use them to blast all the fishes out of the fish pond.

Note: Bombs can’t be used in town.