【Guide】Timed Event

2017-06-29 13:51

-World Boss (Character reaches Lv.10)


Challenge Rule:

Ø You can choose one time period to challenge every day

Ø You will be allocated to a room with other players to fight together

Ø Once defeated, your damage will be counted

Ø You will revive in weak state, and can’t fight during such state. Weak state needs time to recover

Ø Rewards will be issued depending on damage rank and your Mapworks cleared layers

Ø Guild rewards will be issued for Top 3 Guild


-Team Trial (Character reaches Lv.10)


Challenge Rule:

Ø Each Team Trial event can be challenged up to 3 times when it is opened

Ø Different rewards in different Character level period

Ø Quick Match by system, or team up your friends or guild members to challenge


-Tournament (Character reaches Lv.10)


Challenge Rule:

Ø Matches are:

-Server Qualifying Match

-Cross-Server Qualifying Match

-Server Knockout Match

-Cross-Server Knockout Match

Ø Each match rewards will be sent via e-mail when certain match ends

Ø Players can choose one to support once each round during each Knockout Match

Ø Different support rewards will be sent when the match ends