2017-06-29 13:50


-Arena Trial


-Arena (Complete Chapter 1 Abyss 1 Normal stage)


Challenge Mode:

Ø 1 vs. 1

Ø Time limitation (2 minutes)

Ø Potion or Revival is not allowed during the duel

Ø The one own higher HP percentage wins

Ø The challenger wins will be exchanged to higher rank


Challenge Rewards:

Ø Challenge rewards after each battle (regardless of the result)

Ø Certain Winning Streak rewards

Ø Daily Rank rewards

Ø Arena Store


-Ember War (Character reaches Lv.23)


Challenge Mode:

Ø Team up your friends to challenge (teammate can’t be changed until reset)

Ø Cost item “Med Kit” to recover HP (only way to recover in Ember War)

Ø Opponents won’t be changed if fail or quit challenge halfway

Ø Two Difficulty mode (both progress will be recorded)


Challenge Rewards:

Ø Challenge Chest after each stage completion

Ø Ember Store


-Honor Coliseum (Character reaches Lv.15)


Challenge Mode:

Ø Pets fight first (surviving pets will stay on the battlefield)

Ø When all pets groups finish fighting, Character will fight immediately

Ø Defeat all opponents (including pets and character) to win victory

Ø Time limitation (3 minutes)


Challenge Rewards

Ø Honor Store